Fundación Milarepa for dialogue with Asia in Chile works very closely with the International Committee for Interreligious Dialogue which de facto if not de jure serves as its international advisory board. The ICID was formed in October 2016 out of the initiatives of the St. Andrews Declaration for a Shared Humanity. Its first secretary was an alumnus of the University of St. Andrews Omar Ali.

It is with joy that we can announce that the new Secretary General of the ICID is Dr Eve Parker based in the UK. Dr Parker is currently Director of Studies for Ordinands at the Anglican Diocese of Manchester. She read theology at the Faculty of Theology of the University of St. Andrews where she completed a seminal work on new theologies for India with the title: ‘Theologising with the sacred “prostitutes” of South India: Towards an Indecent Dalit Theology’. She has coordinated several important conferences on interreligious dialogue and she is a firm advocate of rights for women and the marginalised in India.Eve Parker India

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