On Tuesday 19th November 2019 Pope Francis will start one of his most awaited journeys outside Europe, a journey to Thailand and Japan. Interfaith dialogue will be at the heart of this encounter in lands where the first Jesuits arrived in the 16th Century.

Milarepa Foundation and the Laudato Si’ International Group will follow closely these encounters and daily prayers and good wishes will be offered by all Fellows of Laudato Si’. Christian, Hindu and Buddhist offerings will be a daily occurrence at the hermitages in Chile and Scotland.

Pope Francis has recorded a message greeting people in Thailand that is available at http://www.vatican.va/content/francesco/en/events/event.dir.html/content/vaticanevents/en/2019/11/15/videomessaggio-thailandia.html Pope Francis stressed the example of Thailand: “I know that, as a multi-ethnic and diverse nation with rich spiritual and cultural traditions, Thailand has worked hard to promote harmony and peaceful coexistence, not only among its people but throughout the Southeast Asian region. In this world that too often experiences discord, division and exclusion, this commitment to forge a unity respectful of the dignity of every man, woman and child can serve as an inspiration for the efforts that people of goodwill around the world are making to promote a great, true development of our human family in solidarity, in justice and in living in peace”.

Pope Francis will be speaking in Spanish at all events during his visit to Thailand and Japan.


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