Coinciding with the visit of Pope Francis to Thailand and Japan Laudato Si’ International has elected a group of new fellows. LSI is a group of scholars, public leaders, and educators who adhere to the call of Pope Francis in the encyclical Laudato Si’ for the care of the planet, the solidarity between human beings and creation, and they foster the cause of dialogue between the world religions and the service of the poor and the marginalised. Fellows meet all over the world in order to study, research, enact dialogue, and help a shared understanding among human beings and creation. We welcome and congratulate the following new Fellows:

Carolina Sanz de la Fuente: A Mexican scholar who currently lectures at the ITESM in Mexico City on the field of applied ethics. Her current research is concerned with Artificial Intelligence and Cyborgs: gifts or Idols? She believes that these 21st century’s inventions have put into question the veracity of the Mexican narratives that perpetuate gender inequality. A.I. proves that rational processes are not exclusively male-oriented since it has been proven that computers can perform them more efficiently. Cyborgs prove that our identity is not an unbreakable immanent condition determined by our biological bodies since we can also live in the virtual reality.  Ms Sanz is a member of an international group of researchers working with the Centre for the Study of Religion and Politics of the University of St. Andrews on protest, violence and heritage in Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Rwanda, and India.

Dr Raj Bharath Patta: An Indian Dalit theologian he completed his doctoral studies at the University of Manchester and is currently a minister at the Methodist Church in Manchester. Dr Patta has been at the forefront of dialogue and challenges posed to contemporary India and has been instrumental in discussions on Christianity and Hinduism. As a Laudato Si’ Fellow he is aiding the Salud Sin Fronteras Foundation (Chile) to work in Southern India.

Dr Ann Simpson: A Scottish Scientist with doctoral studies in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Microbiology with twenty years of experience of work in South America (Colombia and Ecuador). Areas of research include the conservation and recuperation of traditional indigenous knowledge of preservation of the environment and cultural identity, facilitated and supported by two British Council Academic links and two Darwin Initiative awards. She is an associate member of the Centre for the Study of Religion and Politics (CSRP) and, as part of the Darwin Initiative projects led the Scotland Colombia Link between staff of University of St. Andrews, University of Strathclyde and Colombian institutions and communities.

Dr Eve Parker, Dr James Morris, and Professor M.I. Aguilar, November 2019


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