Pope Francis has completed a very successful and moving visit to Thailand where he met with the King, with the head of the Buddhist orders, other religious leaders, and celebrated the Eucharist with the Catholic community in Thailand. His interaction was facilitated by Sr Ana Rosa Sivori, an Argentinean Salesian nun, and the Pope’s cousin, who has been working in Thailand for many years. Described by the journalist Eva Fernández as the ‘First Lady of the Visit’ she made possible that Pope Francis could always speak in his native Spanish.

The Pope departed for Japan, in a visit in which nuclear weapons and peace will be at the centre of the visit. This is an important visit for Laudato Si’ International as we will be meeting in Japan in October for an inter-faith conference and the signing of the Declaration for a Shared Humanity, hosted by the Secretary General of Laudato Si’ Dr James Morris.

Pope Francis the King and Sr Ana


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